New Place File Feature!

June 1, 2024 By admin

WxNotify has a new page that includes several Place FIles for Storm Predicion Center (SPC) products that can be used with the popular commercial (i.e. paid) radar programs GRLevel 2 and GRLevel 3. There is also an open-source/free radar program called Supercell-WX that can also use Place Files. What’s a Place File, you ask? Place files are text files containing drawing statements which can be imported and used in aforementioned radar programs. Place files allow you to overlay lines, polygons, and objects on top of the radar display. For example, the SPC Tornado and Severe Thunderstorms Place FIle overlay all current watch boxes in the radar app. A Place File that includes your custom locations is also available.

To access the Place Files page, log into WxNotify and click the user menu in the upper right hand corner and then click “Place Files”. I hope WxNotify subscribers find this useful!

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