Added more product type options!

June 17, 2024 By admin

I just added the products below to the list of available options when creating product lists. I also renamed the product categories to (hopefully) make a little more sense. Please let me know if there are NWS products that aren’t being sent by WxNotify that you would like me to add!

Disclaimer: Some products are only issued by specific Weather Forecast Offices (i.e. WFOs). This is dictated by what hazards or phenomena are likely to happen in that WFO’s area of responsibility. For example, you should never expect to ever see Marine-related products issued by
the St. Louis, MO (LSX) WFO, since those products only affect areas near oceans & Great Lakes regions.

  • Airport Weather Warning (AWW)
  • Area Forecast Matrices (AFM)
  • Area Hydrological Discussion (AHD)
  • Area Weather Update (AWU)
  • Coastal Weather Observations (CGR)
  • Convective Outlook Areal Outline (PTS)
  • Convective Sigmet (SIG)
  • Daily Climate Report (CLI)
  • Drought Information (DGT)
  • Hydrologic Summary (RVA)
  • Fire Weather Planning Forecast (FWF)
  • Fire Weather Spot Forecast (FWS)
  • Grassland Fire Danger (RFD) **EXPERIMENTAL**
  • High Seas Forecast (HSF)
  • Hydrometeorological Coordination Message (HCM)
  • Local Cooperative Observation (LCO)
  • Great Lakes Forecast (GLF)
  • Other Marine Reports (OMR)
  • Point Forecast Matrices (PFM)
  • Rainfall and Flood Outlook Product (HMD)
  • Rainfall Storm Total (RRM)
  • Regional Temperature and Precipitation (RTP)
  • River Forecast (RVF)
  • Smoke Management Weather Forecast (SMF)
  • SPC Fire Weather Outlooks (FWD)
  • SPC Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Reports (STA)
  • State Forecast Tabular Product (SFT)
  • Supplementary Temp and Precip (HYD)
  • TAF Collaboration Product (OEP)
  • Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)
  • Work Product (WRK)

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