Dynamic Locations comes to WxNotify!

May 20, 2023 By [email protected]

I’m excited to announce that a new beta feature has just been integrated into WxNotify! The open source software Traccar is now being used to help provide real-time location information to WxNotify. With the use of a free iOS or Android client, WxNotify users can now be notified for weather alerts affecting their specific location, no matter where they go!

Up until now, all Locations in WxNotify were static, based on a specific latitude/longitude pair. If users wanted to be notified for products affecting more than one place, they could create several different locations, and then create multiple alerts using those locations. With Traccar, they can now use the location created by Traccar, and WxNotify will automatically “follow them”, sending them alerts for their specific location! This will be especially helpful to those WxNotify users who are traveling, or are on vacation somewhere outside of their normal location(s).

For more information about how to enable Traccar on your account, please see the Location section of the WxNotify Knowledge Base.