Huge Update!

May 11, 2024 By admin

After many months of planning, upgrading software, fixing bugs, and implementing brand new infrastructure, I’m happy to announce that WxNotify has received some well-needed upgrades! The website and admin portal still look the same, (for now) but much of the background code and processes have been updated. These changes allow me to better monitor all the services WxNotify depends on, add some additional redundancy, and save me money on hosting costs.

On a technical note, I have switched to running WxNotify services using Docker, which has simplified my development process and hosting set up quite a bit. Now that I’m using Docker, upgrades in the future should be easier as I can test my entire tech stack locally, and then deploy identical infrastructure to my Cloud servers. I had to spend quite a bit of time getting my new deployment process hashed out since much of it changed from before when I was running software natively on the servers.

As with any upgrade, there may have been some bugs that I missed, so please be patient as I work through fixing them. I have already performed a significant amount of testing prior to this “go-live”, however there always seems to be things that slip through the cracks. If you encounter issues with things not looking or functioning correctly, or you miss getting alerts when you think you should have, please let me know!

Now that I’ve finally gone live with these upgrades, I will continue to work through a backlog of additional features that I plan to roll out in the next several weeks & months. If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see, also please let me know!

Thanks and I hope you continue to enjoy the service!

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